Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun with Art and Computers

This is the picture that Conor originally sent to me.

This is the painting I did from the picture.

This is the unscrambled picture that I had never seen.

This is the "translation" after the painting was unscrambled!

Have you ever played the "translation game" where using an on-line translator, you put in an expression in English and translate that to Greek and then to Korean and finally back to English? Something that began as "cash cow" might now be "bovine that gives golden milk". Well, that is sort of what my son, Conor and I have done here. Conor took a picture of himself with a goofy face and twisted it using a gizmo on Photobucket. He e-mailed me the twisted image and said he thought it would make a cool painting. I painted it and sent it to him as a gift for his 17th birhday. He then took a picture of the painting and put it back in the gizmo on Photobucket and reversed the effect. Here is that story in pictures.